Star Wars POTF Luke Skywalker Vs. Wampa 2-Pack 12" Figure Set



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Please note:
- There is shelf wear around packaging
- slight bowing in back of box
- Item has been resealed, however, all internal components have not been removed from the card.

Includes: Luke Skywalker, Wampa, Lightsaber, Removable Holster, Rebel Blaster and Comlink
Luke figure measured approximately 12 inch tall
Wampa figure measured approximately 13 inch tall
Produced in year 1997

The Wampa ice creature is horrible, carnivorous beast that roams the frozen wasteland of the planet Hoth. Standing more than 2 meters tall, the bi-pedal wampa has yellow eyes and very sharp claws and teeth. Because of its white fur, the Wampa is naturally camouflaged which makes it easy to take its prey by surprise. Wampas do not hunt when they are hungry, but saving their living prey in ice caves for later consumption.

These fearless beasts carve lairs out of the ice forming huge caves in which to nest. Luke Skywalker, while patrolling the snow-packed tundra of Hoth, narrowly escaped the Wampa by severing its arm with his lightsaber.

Star Wars POTF Luke Skywalker Vs. Wampa 2-Pack 12" Figure Set
Barcode: 076281279473
Product Code: K-SW97-2P-LSkywalker
Brand Name: Kenner
Condition: New