Hasbro Retro Toys Mystery Minis Speciality Exclusive Blind Box [1 Piece]



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Launching almost 90 years ago, Hasbro has grown into one of the most iconic toy distributors of all time, so it only makes sense that Funko have finally gone back to celebrate the toy lines that put them on the map with their new wave of Hasbro Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures!

Featured in this amazing collection are some of the popular toys ever released, including the hilarious Mr. & Mrs Potato Head, Glo Worm, Cavity Sam, Stretch Armstrong, My Pet Monster (my personal favourite) and more!

Each Display contains 12 Blind Boxes, with each Blind Box containing ONE randomly inserted Mystery Minis figure. Collect them all!

Go back in time for some retro fun by adding the new Hasbro Mystery Minis to your Funko collection today.
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