3.75" Soft Protector for POP! Vinyl Figures [0.6mm] - 1 Piece



Item Type(s): Pop Vinyls | Pop Vinyls

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The protector that started it all! Known as the 4" protector, its versatile, sleek, and features an auto lock design to protect your prized possessions!


- 0.60mm Thickness

- High Quality PET Material

- Acid Free

- Fits All standard 3.75" Pop Vinyls

- Auto-Lock bottom (hassle free putting together)

- No Lock Tabs at the top that will damage your Pops!

- Comes flat packed with protective wrapping

16.5cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 9.5cm (D)
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Product Code: n/a
Brand Name: Go Figure Collectables
Condition: New