Star Wars AT-AT Driver 1:6 Scale Mini Bust



Item Type(s): Statues

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* Pre-owned
* Box is not 100% mint
* Bust is in excellent condition

Star Wars: AT-AT Driver Mini-Bust: A Gentle Giant Sculpt! From their position far above the battlefield, the drivers of the Empire's massive AT-AT armored walkers are among the elite of the elite. The Imperial Walkers carry stormtroopers into battle and function as mobile weapons platforms capable of destroying resistance with a few well-placed turboblaster shots or the stomp of its mighty feet! Gentle Giant's AT-AT Driver Mini-Bust stands approximately 7" tall and showcases the details of the driver's head gear and respirator unit. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, this bust comes painted and ready to display.
Barcode: 871810001446
Product Code: SW-AT-AT
Brand Name: Gentle Giant
Condition: Used