Marvel Comics Wolverine Candy Bowl Holder



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Become the Wolverine, famous for his long wolf like claws, he is played by Australian Actor Hugh Jackman, in the Marvel movies X-Men and The Avengers. A mutant wolf, Logan boasts regeneration abilities and an adamantium skeleton and claws. He possesses keen animal like senses, enhanced physical strength and speed and three retractable claws on each hand. Add a little extra body hair and you have the Wolverine! Watch out at night as he prowls around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stalking his prey and hunting down his enemies like Sabretooth, Omega Red, and Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine himself has done his share of misdeeds, but nothing like his villains.

Bring out the lollies at your next party - they'll be carefully guarded by Wolverine himself. But Beware! Those claws might not let you in though!

Includes :

Injection moulded mini statue with painted details
Separate candy bowl in clear plastic - easy to clean
Flat back so can sit against wall
Approximately 25cm L x 26cm W x 50cm H, bowl 25cm in diameter
This is an officially licensed Marvel product
Barcode: 82686356725
Product Code: W-CBH
Brand Name: Rubies
Condition: New