WWE Elite Collection The Brood Hardy Boyz Exclusive Figures



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*Packaging may be dented, figures are perfect*

The high-risk, high-flying brothers from North Carolina were never the largest tag team, but the Hardy Boyz put their bodies on the line each and every time they stepped inside the ring. With unforgettable rivalries - and unforgiving TLC matches - against Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boyz, these daredevils created a legacy as extreme icons of the attitude era.

Brood Hardy Boyz - WWE Elite 2-Pack Exclusive Toy Wrestling Action Figures by Mattel!

Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy in their Brood attire when they were teamed with Gangrel.
Includes WWE Classic Tag Team Championship Belts & Fabric T-Shirts as well as Special Packaging.
Barcode: 887961740325
Product Code: Brood-EX
Brand Name: Mattel
Condition: Like New