Enlighten Brick Military Combat Series Bundle Set E (471 Pieces)



Item Type(s): Bricks

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Want a cheaper alternative to those costly brick brands?

In this bundle you would be receiving:

3x Enlighten Brick #801 Army Small Plane 25 Pieces
1x Enlighten Brick #802 Military Side-Car Motorcycle 24 Pieces
1x Enlighten Brick #803 Small Military Car 51 Pieces
1x Enlighten Brick #810 Military Combat Fighters Plane 225 Pieces
2x Enlighten Brick #827 Military Secret Agent 20 Pieces
2x Enlighten Brick #829 Paravane 19 Pieces

Compatible with all other building brick brands like Lego. All of the sets within the bundle do NOT come with their original box.

They have been removed to save postage costs. All Sets are sealed in individual parts and come with the instructions.

The boxes are still available if you desire, however, extra postage will be applicable.

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Barcode: 0
Product Code: Bricks
Brand Name: Enlighten
Condition: New